Student Services

NABA’s Student Life Office supports the extracurricular lives of our students in many ways, including:

  • Documentation support
  • Social and sport activities
  • Health support
  • Special deals
  • Student care
  • Housing

Documentation and Health support

The Student Life Office will help you with your official paperwork related to your stay in Milan, such as fiscal code (your unique tax code), obtaining a permit to stay, setting up a bank account, etc.

The Office can help you with matters related to health insurance, such as applying to Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (Italy’s National Health Service). We can also book a doctor to visit campus every two weeks if a medical consultation is needed.

Social and sport activities

 The Office also organizes fun social activities for you to get to know other students, such as:

  • Welcome cocktails for some student groups upon their arrival on campus
  • Student parties at The Corner, NABA’s bar and restaurant
  • Film screenings followed by discussion
  • Trips to visit beautiful destinations, including ski trips during winter
  • Sport Tournaments
  • Courses in well-being—Biodanza, mindfulness, and yoga—attended by students from both NABA and Domus Academy.

These activities facilitate friendship and reciprocity, making you and every student feel part of NABA’s large and vibrant community.

Special deals

NABA students can also benefit from the school’s many special deals with off-campus services and shops. Deals include discounted membership at a gym near campus, booking deals at outdoor sports facilities, discounts at bars and restaurants, and more.

Additional exclusive services and cultural opportunities are offered to NABA students thanks to the Project for the Attraction of International Talents to Milan Universities, an innovative program supported by the Milan Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with a group of Milanese educational institutions.

Visit the project website >>

Exclusive services include the Milan Identity Card, which provides special deals on transportation and admission fees to some of Milan’s top cultural centers, such as La Triennale di Milano, Piccolo Teatro, Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica, etc.


Student Care

NABA offers a Counseling Service for students. In up to eight weekly encounters of 50 minutes each, counselors support students in finding the inner resources to face difficulties related to their studies, relationships, and personal growth, such as:

  • Distance from home
  • Culture shock
  • Stress about projects and exams
  • Difficulties in relationships with classmates and others
  • Emotional difficulties
  • Transitions—arrival and graduation

The service also offers counseling activities for student groups.

For Students with Learning Problems

NABA offers assistance for students with learning problems such as dyslexia. We follow the student’s learning experience and remove some obstacles to learning.

Buddy Project

NABA’s Buddy Project provides support to incoming international students and exchange program students, especially during the first phase of their stay at NABA. The Buddy Project is staffed by student volunteers and coordinated by the Student Life Office. It helps facilitate integration among Italian and international students.

A buddy can help you:

  • Connect with other support resources
  • Settle in to your new life on campus
  • Make new friends from other countries
  • Get to know Italian culture
  • Improve your language skills
  • Have fun

Who Is the Buddy?

The buddy is a selected student volunteer who is in the second or third year of a NABA BA program or in the second year of an MA program. The buddy is a friendly face who provides:

  • General help for new international students
  • A first answer to student queries and help in finding further answers
  • A link between new and established students
  • Opportunities for students to engage with each other
  • Information about social activities organized by the Student Life Office

Collecting Student Feedback

Staff from the Student Life Office periodically meet with representatives from NABA’s Student Forum and Student Council, who offer positive feedback and constructive criticism about various aspects of studying at NABA. Staff in turn provide updates to the student representatives about actions they are addressing, with the goal of continuously improving the NABA learning experience.


NABA will actively support you in your search for accommodations in Milan and Rome*.

NABA collaborates with selected housing providers and private landlords to make a wide range of accommodations available to students.

Immediately after you pay your pre-enrollment fee, you can begin surfing NABA’s housing website, where you can choose among a number of rooms in apartments managed by the school. Options include studio apartments and single/double rooms in apartments shared with other students—all within walking distance of campus. The housing website includes photographs and relevant information, such as price, location, and facilities.

If you need temporary accommodations, NABA has also special deals with hostels, private homes, and hotels.

For assistance or more information, please contact:

NABA’s Housing Office
Tel. 02 97 372 295
Building B – 1st Floor
Via Darwin, 20 – Milan


New Rome location subject to authorization by the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research)